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Unnati Sansthan believes that a good education is vital in ending the vicious cycle of poverty, and education has been Unnati�s principal focus since 2008. In collaboration with UNICEF, Unnati undertook a survey in 2008-09 in eight Panchayats across Girwa, Sarada and Kherwara Blocks. This survey found that only 59% of children aged 6-14 were attending schools. Most children were dropping out early in order to enter child labour, get married or assist in household chores. Furthermore, the 2001 national censes showed that literacy rates in the region were just 57%. 

Since then, Unnati has undertaken a range of activities that invest in the capacities of local communities and create an education-friendly environment. The overall goal is to build a social structure that is able to support children, parents and teachers in order to make the existing education system work effectively. Unnati�s projects and activities include the following:

  • Chalo Chalo School Chalo
  • Empowering School Management Committees
  • Creating Child-Friendly Schools
  • Improving Water and Sanitation in Schools
  • Escorting Children in Difficult Areas